Risk Management / Data Governance

Organizations today are challenged to accurately report security posture and ensure future resourcing requirements to effectively manage risk.

As your dedicated partner, LockSpring can help identify the technology-related risks that seek to undermine your business processes and goals. Our consultants will work directly and collaboratively with your team or under the guidance of your management to identify risk to information assets, provide independent advice, and report risk and remediation actions.

Adversary Simulation

The LockSpring team has years of experience conducting adversary simulation exercises. Our projects across numerous enterprise customers keep us at the leading-edge of the latest adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. Our penetration tests and red team activities apply those methodologies in your environment to effectively identify gaps so they can be addressed.

Vulnerability Hunting

Vulnerability hunting helps to identify vulnerabilities and threats that an organization faces. LockSpring Vulnerability Vulnerability Hunting services deliver fully managed rapid detection, monitoring, and remediation of deep-seated vulnerabilities within external and internal systems.

We offer multiple types of vulnerability assessments to ensure your compliance needs are met.

Cloud Security

Migrating and leveraging cloud services can lead to improved efficiency and cost savings, but only with the right security in place.

LockSpring Cloud and Infrastructure Security services help ensure proper configurations, provide visibility and control of data in the cloud, and reduce susceptibility to attacks.

Web Application Security

Security tools provide a basic level of protection, but sophisticated attackers will always find a way to bypass defenses.

LockSpring Application and Software services simulate real-life attacks to uncover vulnerabilities in your websites, applications, and more.

Kiosk Testing

Kiosks allow customers to interact with a company owned computer with limited functionality. Think of ATM’s, print stations, library search computers, etc.

If your company wants to implement or test the use of a kiosk based computer, we can help assess any weaknesses in the kiosk configuration. We will attempt a “kiosk breakout” to gain full control over the underlying computer system.

Mobile Testing

Applications and mobile devices come with their own distinct set of security challenges. LockSpring Mobile Security helps app and device developers, wireless carriers, and more limit their attack exposure and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Our testing includes a multi-part review of your mobile assets and infrastructure, including testing of the wireless carrier network, mobile device, applications, M2M, and more.

Physical Security Assessments

Physical intrusion assessments provide a robust approach to evaluating a site’s susceptibility to physical attack. Our assessment team will catalog all external entry and exit points to identify areas of weakness, then use those entry points to attempt intrusion.

As every site is different, our operators come armed with an assortment of tools to bypass both technical and non-technical controls.

Social Engineering Tests

Most breaches to a company happen because of insiders. Humans are the weakest part of the security of an organization. By nature, humans are curious and want to be helpful which leads them to click that link they shouldn’t…

We will test the capabilities of your employees via phishing campaigns and other physical social engineering techniques. After the engagement, recommendations will be provided for training internal employees about these types of attacks.